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December 15th, 2006 at 08:13 am

Designer Resources: The Social/Hobby Organization

I was asked to explain why a designer should consider joining a trade association in addition to the social/hobby organization of thier choice.

After struggling for several hours about how to say what I so passionately believe – it was clear that a single response would not “do it”

Without the necessary background and context there is no way to answer the questions, much less have the discussion or more likely based on past experience – suffer a crucifixion. God knows every time I try to be a Horse Whisperer it gets me in trouble.

So, I gave up and decided to just write what I feel, believe, or whatever with no malice intended but positive that some will assume there is and who knows, where that will end up this time no body knows

The first controversial statement? It is completely beyond my comprehension how anyone who lives in the real world today – where rapid changes in circumstances can as fast as the click of the enter key, can still base their business decisions on information or experiences even a few years old.

If you belong to a Social/Hobby organization, with rare exceptions, you need to realize that is it not in their charter to help you develop your professional career beyond the development of your techical skills.

These Social/Hobby organizations have two primary purposes,
to provide fellowship
to provide education opportunities in the craft they serve.

There is NOTHING wrong with the choices made by these organizations to limit their focus. This is not to say no opportunities exist within these wonderful groups for the professional; but, we need to be realistic and not be misled by what we would like vs what exists.

So, where “should” those who wish to pursue a formal (primary or secondary) career look for the kind of contacts that will further their career…

In ADDITION to joining the social/hobby organization(s) that support your area of Professional interest and expertise; you need to first identify your goals.

And, that needs its own blog-a-mentary of its own

hope you will share your thoughts “on the subject” soon

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