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October 10th, 2009 at 03:16 am

Your SHOP address in GPS

Talk about a “BFO” (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) – as we were planning a day of visiting various retail locations to “see what’s out there”, it occurred to me (these things happen at 04:00) that it would have been MUCH simpler if I had less tedious way to make an itinerary.

Okay, I have already said that taking the time to look up the full, NINE digit ZipCode, is really helpful if you want those traveling thru to drop in.

AND, have mentioned my pet peeve – web pages where the STREET address is not easily found on EVERY page of your web presence.

So here is my latest bit of advice – INCLUDE YOUR GPS Coordinates.

Why? Just think about how many folks now have phones that allow them to get directions – all based on GPS technology.

No Idea WHERE to get this information?

It is really easy – IF you know your own address.

First you need to look up your correct Zip + 4 code, easily done courtesy of the
USPS’s Zip Code Lookup feature

Now, using the Zip Plus 4, go to GeoVisualizer’s Converter

For best results, type in your entire address and it appears that choosing Yahoo as the source might be a bit more accurate than Google Maps.

Once you have the cross hairs where you want them – cut and past the information from the map on your lower left “Center: 39.41355,-76.94434” into your page as:

Latitude: 39.41355 Longitude: -76.94434

You will have given your potential customer yet another way to find you.

Ain’t technology grand!



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