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August 22nd, 2009 at 00:59 am

YarnQuest aka The Project

A Monthly Contest for a publishing project I am working on. It will, we hope eventually be a “for profit” product, but only time will tell.

And, please feel free to spread the word about YarnQuest and the Label/Samples offer you can link directly to this post with this tiny URL

Here’s the skinny – although “just 3 weeks this first time” we hope that the response will warrant continuing on a monthly basis.

I need BOTH labels and 5 or 10 yards of any/all the yarns and threads I can find for the YarnQuest.com and YarnFinders.com projects (details soon)

I need BOTH labels and 5 or 10 yards of any/all the yarns and threads I can find for the YarnQuest.com and YarnFinders.com projects (details soon)

The older the better all yarns are welcome as well – with the following exceptions.

The current yarns for these “Brands” are excluded we already purchased these lines for another related project. For more specifics, follow the links to each line.

Anchor KFI-Araucania
Brown Sheep KFI-Ella Rae Presencia Thread
Clover KFI-KFI Presencia Floss
DMC – All

Presencia Perle
FurTaStitch KFI-Noro SullivanUSA Floss
Kramer Yarn

KFI – Sublime SullivanUSA-Yarn

As these are received, a raffle ticket for EACH of the following,

A Label with at least 5 yards of the yarn listed on the label – label must be intact enough to read ALL yarn details (excluding any free pattern that may be part of the label.

If multiple labels and samples in the same envelope, please be sure to attach the yarn in some way to the correct label.

If your envelopes had ten samples and labels for ten different yarns, then you will have ten entries.

Please do not send multiples of the same yarn – To be clear,
UNLESS the info/description on the label is different (as sometimes happens with Solid & Multi of the same yarn) send ONLY ONE SAMPLE Per Yarn.

On the 16th of September, we will draw one raffle ticket from the box and that person will receive a $50 gift certificate for any of products offered at http://www.ItsAllJustString.com (including special ordering items you choose from our preferred manufacturers)

Coupons and gift certificates will be distributed by email, so be sure that the envelope includes your email address.

We will also issue a one time use coupon for use at ItsAllJustString.com redeemable until 29-December-2009. The coupon value will be $.75 each for the FIRST 5 yard label and yarn sent by an individual OR $1.00 for the FIRST 10 yard label and yarn in the same envelope. (each additional label and sample in same envelope – 5 yard sample and label $. and $.75 additional 10 yard sample and label.

Coupons will ONLY be redeemable ItsAllJustString.com and will apply to the total of any order you place – including sale merchandise and applicable postage & handling charges. The coupons can be used in conjunction with other special offers at ItsAllJustString.com including free shipping.

You will not be required to register for our newsletter, create a wish list or be placed on any mailing list (although you need to register at ItsAllJustString in order to “spend”) those are all separate, occasional promotions.

This first offer (Label & Yarn received by September 15th.) has no further restrictions, depending on the response, we may begin to limit acceptable entries for the second round (Sept 16 to Oct 15 2009) we will have a “running list” of samples found beginning September 10 to apply beginning September 16th at the project headquarters: http://www.YarnQuest.com

Entries should be sent to

YarnQuest Project
Attn: Wheat Carr
PO Box 1232
Sykesville MD 21784-8136

This coupon has no cash value and at this time, these coupons may not be redeemed ANYWHERE but at mye-tail store: ItsAllJustString.com and must be redeemed by 29-December-2009

Thanks for helping


P.S. in one of the few times that mulitple, unrelated lawyers have agreed… Some general information printed on yarn labels is considered within the public domain (much like a recipe ingredients) so long as a picture of the actual label is not used without permission – and of course, we create our own formatting for information display.

updated 22-August-2009 for clarity.


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