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January 20th, 2013 at 12:30 pm

What Is A Trade Show

There are questions that I get asked fairly often. Or, something I have seen has caused me to think, that ain’t quite right.So, trying to address a combination of questions I often get asked and some other stuff I have seen that has caused me to think, that ain’t quite right. The following is written “mostly” for the Indie PA/T (Independent Yarn Pattern Author/Teacher ) and represents not just my opinion but that of others in the industry I have consulted.

TNNAIf able to meet the TNNA membership requirements, an Independent YARN Pattern Author and Teacher (YA/T), will benefit most by attending the TNNA Summer Conventio Center Show for their first introduction, and if they can, the TNNA Winter show as well.

A Trade Show is where those who Manufacture or Distribute Display and Sell “Wholesale to the Trade” For Yarn, these would be TNNA – The National NeedleArts Association – Winter (Left Coast) and Summer (Mid West usually Columbus Ohio) or CHA – Craft & Hobby Association. CHA is not where I think any Indie PA/T (Pattern Author or Teacher) will be the best exposure for their dollars spent.

Some companies do both, and for accounting purposes, these expenses are considered “Trade Show”. It does not mean that a “CONSUMER/Retail” Event is a “trade show” . Retail events are NOT Trade shows by any professional definition.

Examples of fiber related consumer events would be XRX-Stitches For example all the shows where Crochetville has been participating are “Consumer/Retail” events like the KNIT & CROCHET show or the wonderful Quilt FESTIVALs sponsored by the Mancuso’s and others as well as the international and regional events sponsored by HGA (Handweaver’s Guild of America) and their regional affiliates. Or, Britain’s Braid Society a very very international group.

For the new PA/T Retail Events can be a great way to see what is new, fading and start to meet some of the smaller yarn company folks, especially the hand dyers –

TNNA & CHA are trade shows, sometimes described as “Convention Center” shows as compare with “Suite Shows” like TNNA”s Nashville and other satellite shows. The key is who can attend. The answer is only members and qualified buyers.

TNNA’s can be found at:
If you want to attend the June show in Columbus, and are not yet an affiliate member, you may want to get started – it takes time to gather the necessary endorsements from regular members.



If you feel this article will help someone else, please feel free to provide this link:

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