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October 18th, 2015 at 08:28 am

The Future of Blogs

The business side of the working Artisan is often a tricky and Lord knows, time consuming – especially when it comes to Sales, Marketing and PR.

So, once again we come back to “Intended purpose” and as often as not, “untended consequences”

Is what you write of any lasting value?
well then right off the bat, 140 characters that will disappear into oblivion pretty much immediately, certainly with a day or two, and then be nearly impossible to find again – never mind “refer back to” especially if you are foolish enough to entrust your content to a platform where you have no control

Do the stats matter?
Maybe, it depends on your purpose or purposes. But for my blog, there are really only 3-4 of the overwhelming amount of raw data that I look at more than very few months for my blog, and weekly for my e-comm site.

Is it a “public diary” – (just beware If you must indulge TMI try not to sound too whining because there is only so much cheese that ships well – okay?)
well that won’t fit into 140 characters now will it.
Then again I am old school, I usually think before writing and favor the point over the person (except for politics) so while I can still usually manage it in “one page” – 140 characters is good for nothing except “atta artist” (don’t need message about atta boy vs atta girl )

Do you use it as a safe place to share your thoughts and opinions without worrying about those who disagree whining to a group admin about how mean and evil you are
yes, that was and continues to be why I have a blog. Although it is also helpful for keeping track of stuff I might need when not at home – like recipes.

Do you use it as a “safe place” to keep bits and pieces of information?
well that raises a bunch of other questions not germane to this discussion
but rather one for if you think your blog is of value to you and your goals.

Is your blog a legacy of sorts?
a place where someone can go back to – because they are fan of your work, or your writing, or you jig saw puzzles.

Are you active in “group help activities” but get tired of writing the same advice over and over (yes another reason for my blog)
then it is a place to keep the info that won’t fit into 140 characters – and those who are interested will go and read it.

If you fells your work, be that completed work or “as a teacher”
Each of these outlets (and others) should have a place in your business plan.

Your website is your public resume and portfolio – for the teacher it is also where you kept general information about classes you are prepared to teach.
this is where our linked in profile should point

Your blog is where you share your “current’ work as an artisan
this is where your 140 character / Social Media posts should point

Quilt Art and similar groups are where you share with more or less trusted peers.

Social Media (Twitter, FB, Ellio, etc) are where you keep up, “be a person” (Robbie Eklow & Melissa Leapman & Kim Guzman are among the best at this on FB)
Both to make us Love them as people and Generate short term interest that leads to sales – books, classes, completed works.

One thing I can tell you after more than 4 decades (back in the days before the Web and the internet was all SIG Lists secreted in government and other institutional servers with text only.

Each of these may or may not have a place in your life – it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish and what “audience” you to have / build.

Once you have decided which fits your needs – personal and professional, Then, you need to decide if you are willing to put in the work to make each work for you. Because as with all “business” the details matter. And they all require a time commitment.

To paraphrase Smokey the Bear – ONLY YOU – Can decide what fits YOUR Needs.

need to get off this soapbox before vertigo sets in – although given the issues caused by the most recent “stroke of the eye” I might have already gone to far. so might have to repost in a safe place,

Enjoy The Making


P.S. to all my QA FB Friends, thanks for being there – I do love the opportunity to start my day with Eye-Candy so many of your provide.

P.S. Jr – Yes I do FB, but DO NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE – only a very stupid phone that can make phones – can’t even text (well I think it might be able to, but my vision does not allow me to use that effectively)


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