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January 20th, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Should a Yarn Pattern Author or Teacher attend “Suite Shows”

Mostly in the context of thoughts to ponder for someone not yet firmly established and even as one who is to some degree – a more general answer.

No, I don’t think a Yarn PA/T should waste your time or money because there is neither compelling reasons -or- room. It is FAR MORE IMPORTANT for you to find a way to be at TNNA – and to be explained later on Sunday & Monday for the show floor.

First, each exhibitor is in a usually overcrowded with product displays. Add the avid Shop Owners (Needlepoint and Counted Thread with only the tiniest sprinkling of cross over shops)

It would almost be intrusive for a Yarn PA/T to “take up space” Many of the HP(Hand Paint) NP and CT designers do not “also” attend the Winter (Left Coast) and Summer (Columbus Oh most years) so this is one of their only chances to reach the shops. I am NOT saying they will be rude, but by taking up buyer space and time – you are going to be the one who is rude.

And that means EVEN if the LYS shopper “says no I’m fine – you two chat” you need to melt away politedly and leave the exhibitor to devote their time to the buyer. Perion, END OF SENTENCE, Applies EVERY TYPE OF SHOW.

It is NOT a time/place for you to meet with Craft Publishers UNLESS you have contacted them and requested and been given appointment time. Oftern the buyer from Leisure, Annie’s, etc is only there for one day and has to cram enough into their schedule. They don’t, as they do in Columbus, have a booth – they are there as buyers.

Although one or two reps sometimes set up – they are not who you need to meet. Often lovely nice people, but they are independent contractors to the companies they represent, they work on commission, are usually not in a position to give away yarn – and often even those doing a bit of cash and carry are not anxious to wholesale to a designer – in fact some companies discourage their reps from getting involved with designers until they have survived the 3 yr rule. and so are unlikely to be really helpful at this stage in your career

Your time will be much better spent prowling the LYS in your area to see the yarns, new designs and get a feel for what is selling in your area, particularly if you are a teacher.

Looking forward to hearing your questions, comments, opposing opinions?



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