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July 18th, 2007 at 09:09 am

Is Crochet The New Knitting? – NeedleWork, The LYS & Wal-Mart

This particular rant has been brewing in my head for quite a long time.
For those who keep asking (as if repeating it would make it true) …

No, Crochet Is NOT The New Knitting? –
Part I : NeedleWork, Crochet,
The LYS (Local Yarn Shop) & Wal-Mart

I love Crochet. I have been supporting Crochet in the LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Network for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. As a result, I have taken a LOT of heat in every venue imaginable when the so-called Professionals did a number of stupid things particularly over the last 10-12 years which have and continue to alienate the established LYS network.

Repeating I LOVE Crochet – I wish Every LYS (local Yarn Shop) had more tools – but the nonsense that an LYS does not stock yarns for crochet has to stop. It is just not true especially now with so many knitters excited about Lace – the shops are bulging with fingering, sport and DK’s (all of which have always been there) “Sock” yarns make wonderful and washable crochet garments.

If you want to say you cannot afford the yarns offered in the LYS, that is honest – saying they don’t have yarns suitable for crochet is just an ugly untruth.

I intensely dislike the commentary in various needle arts hobby discussion groups implying the world will end if they can’t buy cheap supplies. Or carrying on about not having access to the internet. There continue to be several excellent “catalog” merchants who sell the lower priced yarns (and quite a few of the mid-range “yarn store yarns” as well)

Just because I cannot afford quivit or a porsche 911 does not make the seller evil. It means I have to decide how to live happily within my means – Which happens to include driving a 20+ year old car so I have the monthly car payment for other purposes – like food, medicine and shelter

Nor will Wal-Mart’s phasing out of needlework mean the end of supply. People stitched *long before* either Wal-Mart or the World Wide Web existed. The catalog and on-line retailers as well as the many independent shops will continue to be there. They don’t require paypal or even a checking account. Cash & Money Orders are acceptable.

Here is a quote from the announcement made to Wal-Mart’s Suppliers and released to the industry press (you can read the newsbrief and one comment at: Creative Leisure News

  • “As just discussed, you are aware that we are downsizing departments with declining categories. We continue to reduce space in these categories to allow for increased space in growth categories. As a result we continue to evaluate and where appropriate make adjustments as needed. As a result in week 34 this year, we will be deleting stitchery from 2642 stores. Our goal is to be out of stitchery 100% by Fall 2008. Please make adjustments in your forecasts and inventory using the spreadsheet attached outlining by item current and new store count for week 34.”

So here is my question for all those who think they are “entitled” to deals at their local yarn shop:

Please tell me how, if Wal-Mart with its HUGE Buying Power used to pressure its suppliers, cannot have a profitable Needlework department… you think an LYS can manage to stay in business with its higher costs if they discount.

Exactly what incentive do they have to stock and sell unprofitable merchandise.

Long as you are thinking, please explain to me why, if, on average, 90% of a shop;s customers already understand the value of the products offerd and are happy with those products, the pricing and are already buying multiple skeins at full price – most of the time, why should these shops abandon common sense and start discounting.

Is Crochet the New Knitting.

No not today and probably not in this decade,

But it could be eventually if we all work together

Looking forward to your Comments and Suggestions on how we can “Make It So”


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Coming Tomorrow:
Part II: Crochet In The Merchant Mall…

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    Interesting topic, Wheat. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either. We want local yarn shops that are friendly and welcoming, staffed by knowledgeable people, full of luscious yarns, patterns and tools — but, by the way, we won’t pay a penny more than what we can pay at the nearest mega-mart or big box craft store? Oh, and can you point me to a free pattern on the web? Seems to me a lot of folks are just out of touch with economic reality.

    Karen on July 18th, 2007
  • 2

    But I’m not going to buy from the LYS, the yarn I intended to buy, if the response to “I crochet” is “I have a few yarns for you in the back corner” Lady the whole store has yarn for me! Again it is a 2 way street. We all reap what we sow!

    flyinghooks on July 21st, 2007


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