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April 12th, 2007 at 09:03 am

Its About Business THINKING & PLANNING

I have reached the point in my current engagement in H t m ELL where some of what I am doing is mindless – which leaves way too much time for “thinking”

While certainly these opinion may not apply to every designer or retailer, it does seem to apply to far too many.

I have upon occasion gotten on the soapbox about the way indie designers & retailers keep harping how they are just waiting for the next upturn.

It is still an unsolved mystery WHEN the majority of those with something to sell are going to realize that the world as we know it changed. This change began in the 50’a & 60’s for communication, and from the sales & marketing perspective, officially began on November 12, 1990 and the real impact began to be felt in more like 2000.

It may have started with Companies like Microsoft & AOL, but the way our customers now choose to do business has radically changed just as the way we live our lives in these United States has been turned upside down by technology.

Maybe not exactly the way Paul Allen envisioned, but to ignore the changes in the way “America does business” is just no longer a viable option. We may not like, but it is true. Times have changed.

So what brought on this rant? Well just guessing, but it would seem that lots of designer/artisans spent the holidays working on their web sites because there is a huge rash of ” I just created/revised/updated… let me know what you think…”

After far to many moments where I want to ask “Do you *really* mean that?”

Having made the decision that attempting to “politely comment” on how they might benefit from Cricket’s SEO & Marketing classes, seasoned with a bit of reason from others in thier niche – it remain incomprehensible to me that instead of getting current information they continue to rely on the what worked in another world.

With rare exceptions, we choose to use the most interesting and up-to-date tools and materials in our projects – yet so many members of the Retail & Design community insist on ignoring the tons of information available about how to reach the consumer of their choice, be it an individual or the buyer for a corporation… and wait for the next upturn in the business cycle.

Yesterday a request for help in publishing a newsletter & the discussion that followed, in one e-group made me admit “out loud” that it just might be hopeless. Yet, a simple visit to sites like AWeber Considered one of the best and most accepted by ISP Email Newsletter services would get these folks so much information they really need before making decisions.

The majority are never going to get that Web Design & Web Development are two different things. Heck, it sometimes seems impossible to get across the difference between a store and a shopping cart.

People who “should” know better continue to insist on applying dated “Print/Static” display techniques. It is my opinion that those who lack professional graphic training just might be in better shape on this than they think.

Instead of learning about the creative (and in many ways less expensive in dollars) opportunities available to them – way too many seem determined to create ways to cling to the past and punish anyone who won’t help them to do that.

And to get downright ugly about those who are taking advantage of this new market environment – God help the designer, retailer or supplier who has a bigger picture view and is working to increase the pie so we can all have bigger slices, you will be defamed as the punishment for your good deed.

It makes one wonder what has happened to the Entrepreneurial Spirit – you know, where you were admired and rewarded for succeeding, instead of being vilified for using new opportunities to improve your business bottom line?

What has happened to thinking about long term effects of short term actions (or lack of action)?

Why even ask these questions, when the majority cannot even answer the basics; like what they want their website or blog to accomplish and even if they do. While they may not be in the position to hire what is needed to make sure their website, the modern day equivalent of a Press Kit, is found and reaches thier target audience(s), anyone can get the information they need with the proper application of a bit of sweat equity.

Maybe this has joined “copyright” & “why designers don’t seem to want to effectively market”, as topic Wheat best not comment on, because the trickle down theory is not working very well and the reactions of those whose feelings are hurt is upsetting for everyone involved.

It is no longer vaguely reasonable to believe a YARNandTHREAD Designing Author/Artisan or Independent Retailer can survive without more than just a nominal “business card” Internet presence. They must take advantage of the sales potential offered by a strong web presence created specifically to reach their target markets.

It is also sad that it is often no longer vaguely reasonable to believe it is possible in many situations to have a discussion of the issues since so many decide to view any disagreement with their concept/view as a personal attack.

I “get” that many retailers and designers are worried about their futures, but clinging to past failed strategies is not a way to move forward.

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest, now I can turn back to things that needed focus Or go find some forsythia to inspire me

Happy Spring


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    I, for one, like your style and what you have to say. Just had to let you know this article hit home as to what I’ve seen going on on various chatboards…you’ve said it much better than I could.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you at the July CGOA convention so that I can tell you in person.

    AnneB on April 21st, 2007


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