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May 23rd, 2007 at 07:45 am

Designer Resource-Responsibility For Product Information

One of the reasons I started Wheat Wrote What was to express controversial concerns without it being “personal” and putting List owners in awkward positions.

Many “new to the business” designers cannot understand why Retailers are not buying their products.

It is my rather strong opinion that one recent “biz group” discussion clearly shows what is lacking in far too many of the “independent” instructional offerings currently on the market.

Apparently this niche manufacturer plans to produce a speciality product, and include it in some sort of kit.

Sounds great, EXCEPT,

This kit is for a technique in which she may not currently have the knowledge and expertise to properly choose the OEM (other equipment maker) products to be included or prepare the instructions and/or “you will also need” recommendations and listings.

She is frustrated that a Distributor cannot say what to use. I wish it were more surprising to read this unrealistic expectation.

Instead, it is frustrating that she is not accepting responsibility for the product and doing her own research or arranging for expert technical help to properly present HER product.

Technical information should either be as a result of her personal experience, or from technical editorial review or best, from a knowledgeable retailer or even from a technique group on their Internet.

In today’s economy it is completely unrealistic to think that a major distributor’s customer service folks whose primary responsibility is to facilitate order processing and delivery would be knowledgeable about the literally thousands if not tens of thousands of product in their lines.

You, are the producer of the product, kits, whatever should be doing that and then deciding which OEM elements belong in your kit

FWIW, it is not a distributor who should be advising you on product, but rather the Importer or Manufacturer should be your primary resource for product information.

And the smart Importers/Manufacturers KNOW that they need to get technical technique support from people who know how to use their materials & tools.

    Distributors are not and should not be Technical Editors or Advisers. That is the responsibility of the Kit maker.

Time, I think to go find the “What Is A Distributor” monologue and share it with you. Right after I finish cleaning up the “results” of a clogged line out to the septic.

Meanwhile, speaking of unrealistic expectations, like this is not personal.

Well another of my friends is fond of saying, if it hurts to hear it, there is good chance that it is someone you really needed to be told.

I wish her great success with her new product. However, I will not be advising my Retailer Clients to stock her kits – only the supply material.

Coffee Break Over,
Back to the Great Cleanup – as always, your public and private comments are welcomed


– as always, your public and private comments are welcomed


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