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August 19th, 2007 at 00:07 am

Are you ENTITLED To You Aid & Abet ?

Let me be really clear.

© MyMarkDesigns

I have no problem with those who make the decision to share their own intellectual property, aka/Complimentary Patterns as a sampling for those interested in their patterns, charts and instructions.

Nor is there any reason, why, if these gifts suit your needs – artisitic or budgetary, should not continue to use and enjoy legitimately acquired patterns, charts or instructions…

I reserve my distress for those who Steal and who help others to Steal
Unfortunately for us all because in end,
STEALING even on a small scale HARMS US ALL!

So why am I in such a Snit and Tizzy?

Cumulative effect, including a recent comment that showed how little the work of serious Pattern Authors is appreciated
“… after all, how tough can it be to be a designer, seems there are new ones every week….”

But even worse is when members of the Publishing community enable these thefts.

How does that occur?

In a in hobby groups, someone asked for a pattern. Several folks provided information on where to buy the instructions. Others point to home domains of various Design Authors and Self Publishers for Complimentary and Patterns for Sale.

Others also provide a link to a site that has copied that copyrighted pattern and was “sharing it” on the internet. It is this form of THEFT, that is a problem.

The problem is made worse when that person has a very recognizable name, a person with a recognizable name such as an officer of a group dedicated to a particular craft, or a teacher an an event or what really makes me crazy, is published, and “known” as a “professional” in the industry but is helping to steal from her peers.

BUT I still try to give’em the benefit of the doubt so try to “write off the list”

“Did you realize that the site you recommended is one of the worst on the Internet for wholesale “sharing” of copyrighted information?

The replies included :
“I was just trying to help…
…besides it is already done, so I did not do anything wrong…
…well maybe they cannot afford to buy the book…
…I know, but if they read my message maybe they will go to my website and buy one of my patterns….”

Obviously it is not going to do much good with these folks to try to explain that each time someone with “Professional” standing aids and abets in improper use of Intellectual property they are giving their blessing.

But I am even an optimist, maybe I should be a bit more blunt, but still trying to keep the response sub-atomic and I reply…

“okay, so if I take your pattern called “whatever” and post it as a free pattern, and then provide the link to every hobby group I can find – that is okay with you? Thanks for letting me know so I can let people know you don’t mind your work being stolen and misused”

Since no one has ever answered that email, let me be clear

It is NOT, because each time someone rationalizes that helping other to steal is not the same as stealing; I would remind them about that those who “aid and abet” are just as guilty.

It does not matter if you drive the get-away car, or go into the bank and remove the money by force, you still get charged with bank robbery.

It’s sort of like keeping the money when a clerk gives you too much change. Sure it was thier mistake but if you know the truth, it is still stealing – even if you don’t get caught.

So do a designing author a favor, the next time you find yourself rationalizing you are not doing anything wrong by copying, sharing, or providing a link to stolen property –

When you are tempted to rationalize your behavior as something you are ENTITLED to have simply because you cannot afford to buy and obtain it properly.

Are you really entitled to have something simply because you “want it” – does that exempt you from the law – whether you are caught or not. Do you really want to be the kind of person who knowingly steal or helps another to do so?

Stop and ask yourself, are you aiding and abeting?

And if you are helping other to steal, what kind of an example are you setting?

May the publishing community needs to create a Domain Of Shame
listing the name, real or screen of those know to engage in

Stealing & Distributing the Intellectual Property of Others.


* Imagine Logo courtesy Monique Keylon,
You can read the story of its origins at My Mark Designs

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    I’m not sure what group this was on (I have my thoughts about it), but I don’t know why the list owner would allow something like this to happen. Stealing is stealing is stealing is stealing. I can’t afford a Ferrari, does that give me the right to take it from somebdoy who owns one? Because I “can’t afford it”? Or suppose I like a new pair of shoes (or anything else), should I just take it because I “can’t afford it”?
    I liked your example of “driving the get-away car”. It’s one my father would use to explain that you don’t hang around people who do certain things…

    blazelaflame on August 19th, 2007
  • 2

    If that was me you were misquoting there, I believe you completely missed the point, and are misrepresenting me entirely. I did not disrespect the hard work that goes into pattern designing in any way, merely pointed out some facts that are a reality that isn’t going to go away, and it does not involve wrongdoing (copyright infringement) on anyone’s part. I will not be visiting your blog nor commenting here again.

    Krakovianka on August 22nd, 2007


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